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Welcome. If you are looking for an Interfaith Rabbi who bridges man-made boundaries with spiritual harmony, you are in the right place.

It would be an honor to provide you support and understanding. My goal is to create a harmonious and balanced space where everyone, friends and family, feels welcome.

Before you step through the website be advised of my quirky British sense of humor founded upon Shakespeare, Monty Python, Ricky Gervais and other satirists who explore the philosophical and spiritual ironies, oxymorons and paradoxical eccentricities of life. And also it has been pointed out many times, in fact too many times, I own a face that only a mother could love.

As the spiritual leader for the Pacific Synagogue, my direction is founded upon progressive outreach. So, if you are looking for a Super Jew Rabbi please visit one of the following; Orthodox, Conservative or Chabad.

Come on in and explore. It would be an honor, privilege and great pleasure to serve you.

Thank you for bringing humor and charisma to our beautiful ceremony. You truly made not only us but also our guests very comfortable.


- Rachel and David
Thank you very much for making our wedding ceremony so memorable. We received so many compliments on the ceremony, from our Orthodox guests and non-jews alike! … thank you again for everything. Michael and Tracey
- Michael and Tracey

Your Wedding

Your wedding ceremony harmonizes your spiritual traditions with contemporary and creative ideas

Rabbi Ian AdlerYou and your fiancé are unique. You deserve a memorable wedding ceremony which is as unique as the two of you and tailored to celebrate your marriage. You are entitled to a joyful, happy and spiritually uplifting ceremony which inspires you on your path towards your shared hopes and dreams.

You have dedicated many weeks and months into the moment, that magical moment, when you become husband and wife. Sharing your marriage with your family and friends is the focal point of all your hard work. I shall insure your wedding will be the most romantic celebration it can be, firing up the sparkle in your hearts for each other, you’ll feel on top of the world.

Your wedding ceremony is customized to your personal wishes so that it reflects the future you have dreamed for each other. I make sure that when you walk down the aisle as husband and wife you’ll feel the love and happiness of your family and friends. You’ll head into a post ceremony party which vibrantly resonates with the love you share for one another.

Your wedding ceremony harmonizes your spiritual traditions with contemporary and creative ideas. I am dedicated to honoring the heritage and culture of your families so that nobody will feel left out of any moment.

The short window of opportunity to touch the hearts and minds of the most important people in your lives is maximized by a styled and creative approach. I will assist you in planning the perfect ceremony which places both of you at the center of the heartfelt best wishes of your families and friends.

Being committed to making the process of preparing for your wedding ceremony easier too, every couple receives a wedding website which will guide you through your personal wedding program and all the support material you need. Let me help you discover the many elements and options available to you so that your wedding ceremony reflects your dreams and wishes.

Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

The Bar or Bat Mitzvah of your son or daughter will be a magnificent day, filled with spirituality, joy and happiness.

The Bar or Bat Mitzvah of your son or daughter will be a magnificent day, filled with spirituality, joy and happiness. It marks the point at which your son or daughter becomes an adult and thereby assumes spiritual responsibility for their actions.

Rabbi Ian AdlerThanks to the Pacific Synagogue, you have an opportunity to break free from the burdens, restrictions and obligations normally associated with this wonderful life cycle event.

The Pacific Synagogue, my boss, is dedicated to providing spiritual B’nai Mitzvah resources for the unaffiliated. They have access to several extremely well qualified tutors. However, if you already have a tutor I can work with them to specifically enhance your special day. My goal is to create for you a ceremony at your chosen venue which honors tradition from a contemporary perspective.

When you book me you get more than just that fella in the picture on the right. Of course I am going to wear a suit, tie, tallis and kippa, but I will also prepare a complimentary one of a kind personalized master service book for you to print for all of your family and guests. I also have my own personal half sized Torah. During the B’nai Mitzvah service I add explanations and guidance so that your family and guests can fully enjoy, appreciate and understand the experience.

If you want any extra bits and pieces to enhance your ceremony, Talia at the Synagogue can normally arrange for that. She has yet to find a reliable source for unicorns, but she knows where to rent a full size Torah and a super duper professional DJ wireless audio system. She also has access to several Cantors and a couple of tremendously gifted guitarists.

Call 858-952-1200 now to check my schedule.

About Rabbi Ian Adler

Frowning, scowling and monotonous…. NOT! I am the opposite of what you might expect a Rabbi to be. Warm and outgoing would be a better description. However, this is superseded by a whacky British sense of humor which fires into overdrive when discussing life’s ironies and paradoxes.

Rabbi Ian AdlerA bunch of marketing gurus advised me to write this whole page in the third person. They told me to avoid “I” and I tried but it looked so impersonal and pompous.

St George’s Hospital used to be the building next to Buckingham Palace on Hyde Park Corner and that’s where I was born. Even though I was not yet on solids I thought the Queen might have popped over for tea and crumpets with me, but she didn’t. After an Orthodox Jewish Primary school I went to City of London School where I went for my formative years, and occasionally broke the rules. In fact at school (Public School is Private School in England – formed by a Public charter by the reigning Monarch) we were all called by our last name and mine is Adler. All through school I thought that my first name was “Adler” and my last name was “Detention” because my teachers seemed to say those two words together all too frequently.

Without my family; a smashing sister, a wonderful mum and a terrific dad, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Having moved from London to Southern California in 1997 you would think I would have acquired an American accent, but no. After all these years I am not yet fluent in American English. I still have difficulty with words like schedule, dustbin, windscreen, bonnet, boot and car park. Why should I stop saying cheers? And when something goes phenomenally well, what’s wrong with using the cliche cockney dog’s thingamajigs phrase? (even though I am not cockney). In fact, my two favorite words are thingy and thingamajig as in; “didn’t we meet at thingy’s thingamajig last month?” or, “plug the thingy into the thingamajig and it should work”.

Several profound and personal events in my life lead me to set out to break through the divisive barriers which the establishment Orthodox, Conservative and Reform Jews erected over centuries to maintain outsiders as outsiders. In 2001, after graduating from the Florida Academy of Religion under the tutelage of Rabbi Frank, I was inspired to establish the Pacific Synagogue and follow in the footsteps of my grandfather Jacob Adler. Grandpa Jacob bought a building in the 1930s to establish the King Edward Street Synagogue in Stepney, London. Then Grandpa Jacob moved to Windsor. When the King Edward Street Synagogue was bombed to smithereens, the Synagogue Board entrusted him to be caretaker of all their Torahs. Jacob found a an Open Church in Windsor, only a stone’s throw from Windsor Castle, where he established a temporary Synagogue for the children and families displaced from London during the Blitz. It was Jacob’s temporary Synagogue that welcomed Rabbi Julius Jacobovits with all his sons when they were moved to England and it was one of those sons who went on to become the Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the British Commonwealth from 1967 to 1991.

You may be shocked to hear a Rabbi who speaks with an English accent. In fact, Rabbi Bernstein, the Orthodox Rabbi who officiated my Bar Mitzvah in London many years ago, sounded even stranger with his strong Irish accent. London’s Norrice Lea Synagogue (Orthodox) was where I acquired my Jewish education under the tutelage of Rabbi Bernstein and Rev Freilich (we often call our Chazzans “Rev” in England), who taught me much over many years, including that a Rabbi did not have to drone on and on and on in a monotonous tone. Rabbi Bernstein exuded a fire and brimstone style from the pulpit, frequently accompanied by a dry wit and humor that would have suited a stand-up comedian. Of course he looked every bit the typical Orthodox Rabbi from his beard to his stereotypical wrinkled dark gray suit until the moment he spoke in fluent Hebrew with his heavy Irish brogue. He was regarded as a great Rabbi in London and elsewhere in the modern Orthodox Jewish world.

As I see it, the spirit of Judaism is trans-denominational, post-denominational and inter-denominational. It is flourishing in the United States. It resonates with love, faith, wisdom and integrity, understanding and open to all.

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Thank you very much for making our wedding ceremony so memorable. We received so many compliments on the ceremony, from our Orthodox guests and non-jews alike! ... thank you again for everything.
- Michael and Tracey (married 8/6/12)

Rabbi Ian is available for your very special day filled with much love and joy.
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