Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Here are the frequent questions I am asked.

Yes. I look after Interfaith couples, unaffiliated Jewish couples and the any other couples who face spiritual challenges.

Yes. It would be an  honor to marry you any day of the week.

Entirely up to you. As little or as much as you wish. Any Hebrew you choose will be translated into English so that everyone understands everything.

Generally, you should allow 30 minutes.

Internationally, I’ve traveled to Hawaii, England, France and Ecuador, just to name a few and Mexico is a regular destination.  In the US you can choose from West Coast to East Coast.

This really depends on you. Preparing, creating and performing a personalized unique wedding ceremony can take many hours when travel, calls, emails and research are all factored in. Rest assured that I shall create your ceremony to be tailored to suit you from the first to last detail.

You get a personal wedding website, dedicated to your own wedding ceremony to insure everything is in order.

English, effusive and eccentric (lots of Es there). I grew up addicted to Monty Python, Benny Hill, The Two Ronnies, Dave Allen and many other weird U.K. fonts of humor. I am also a bit of a sci-fi addict.

The Pacific Synagogue handles all bookings and they are a 501 C3. The average they ask is about $900. They also have a JIT package, so you reach out and inquire, whatever your wedding budget.

All emails and calls go through Talia, my assistant at the Synagogue. To reserve a date requires a retainer. Always remember that you have the ability to book an available date instantly from the moment you make contact.

The answer is to not procrastinate 😉 However when this happens, Talia immediately directs an inquiry to one my associate Rabbis. We insure that everyone is always looked after.